Square SQ

Square is a mobile payment processing company, it went public in Nov 2015 at $9 a share, and it opened at $11 on its first day. I’m not buying this stock yet, I’m watching it. There are a few things that concern me. First, the company’s income is still negative. Second, the CEO Jack Dorsey is having too much on his hands with running Twitter also, which is going nowhere. I don’t have any problem if both companies are doing well, but in this case, both are not. In my opinion, this stock is great to swing trade or day trade at the moment because its trading volume is hot. Considering the stock went from $11 in Nov 2015 to $17 in March 2017, it is not bad for such a stock.

Disclaimer: this is for fun and blogging purposes only, I do not give financial advice.

Weibo Corporation WB

Weibo is a Chinese social media platform, and is based in Beijing. The company was founded in 2009 and its IPO was filed at $16 in April 2014. There wasn’t much going in 2014 and 2015 to its stock, but it finally broke out in early 2016. The graph showed a clear double bottoms, which meant the stock was about to go up, it is now at $54 in Feb 2017. There is a lot of potential  for Weibo for advertising and marketing as the Chinese market is strong, and many businesses and individuals are interested in the market. Looking at their income statement, cash flow, and balance sheet, I believe the company can increase at least 50% or more in the next few years.

Disclaimer: this is for fun and for blogging purposes only, I do not give financial advice.

Nvidia NVDA

Nvidia is a graphics processor technology company, it did take more than a decade for the stock to really grow. Nvidia’s IPO went on Jan 1999 at $3, and now in Feb 2016, it is at $114. What stands out for me is the stock is in a healthy uptrend, it is steady growing. Growing steady and slow is better than growing too fast. Jen Hsun Huang co-founded the company and has been the President and CEO with the company all along, which is a excellent sign when looking at the management team. Management team is as important as earning per share when evaluating the company. There is always a legit reason why an executive leaves or is fired, and it’s important to know.

Disclaimer: this is for fun and for blogging purposed only, I do not give financial advice.

Planet Fitness PLNT

Planet Fitness was founded in 1992 but had filed for IPO not long ago in August 2015 at $16 per share. They have over 1000 stores and still opening. Their membership fee is $10 a month, $20 a month for VIP membership. Their philosophies are to make access to the gym more affordable and to make their gym a place of judgement free zone. Planet Fitness has grown slowly to $21 a share currently in Feb 2017. I like to get in early when the company is starting to grow, I want to catch the big move. When the company reaches its peak, it’s when I get out. This strategy is more risky, but the more risk, the more reward. I manage my risk by having a stop loss on each stock, so if the stock goes down to where I put a stop loss, it automatically sells.

Disclaimer: this is for fun and for blogging purposes only, I do not give financial advice.