Q & A

  1. Q. What is the best way to be screened?

A. By email, lovelyabbey1@gmail.com.

Q. Is deposit required to secure an appointment?

A.  20% deposit is required to confirm our meeting (e-gift card).

Q. What is the best way to get a response from you?

A. By including your screening info in your inquiry. Inquiry will be ignored without screening info and a proper introduction.

Q. Do you accept booking by Twitter?

A. No, I do not, booking must be made through my email.

Q. How far advanced do you prefer for booking?

A. As early as you can. A few days before is ideal, a few weeks is better, a few months is best.

Q. May I bring wine to our meeting?

A. Yes, I would love to, however, the bottle needs to be opened in front of me.

Q. May I write a review about you?

A. Please ask me first before writing a review about me.

Q. Do you share my information I have given you?

A. No, absolutely not, your information are confidential, I respect your privacy and I expect the same.

Q. Do you take outfit request?

A. Yes, I do, as long as I am comfortable. Please include your request when making your booking.

Q. What do you usually wear when you do outcall?

A. Jeans and heels as casual business or a casual dress. I always carry a couple outfits in my purse.